This document outlines the process of deploying a website based on the developer code either html or php etc. To implement this solution dynamically we have considered integrating code repo (git) with CI/CD tool like Jenkins along with container service (docker) to deploy. …

Creating a docker image to execute python (.py) file . For CNN model using Keras.

Here using Dockerfile to create docker image.

So brief about Docker and Dockerfile :

Docker: Docker is operating-system-level virtualization mainly intended for developers and sysadmins. …

This is an assignment given by #linuxworld during MLOps training.

Problem Statement: Automation framework that github and jenkins to look for changes made to dev branch needs to be locally deployed and verified, parallel tested by QA team separately and only after the verification it has to be deployed to…

A friend for the safety of every Child

We are in the era of cutting-edge technology, where ML and AI help us to solve many causes for social good.
AI is playing a vital role in many aspects of social causes for a particular set of data such as environmental issues, water crisis, wildlife, security-related and health…

Madhuri MK

MMachine Learning and AI enthusiast

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